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Sugar Smart Minis

This programme is aimed at children age 4–7 (Key stage 1).  It can be delivered through a range of sports including tag rugby, dance, balanceability, mini tennis and mini fencing.  This can be delivered as a 2 hour session curriculum session or a 1 hour curriculum time session with a 1 hour after school or as an after school club.  The aim is to teach children in a fun and interactive way to be Sugar Smart at the same time as engaging in fun sports activities. Children will be awarded a certificate on gaining Sugar Smart Mini status.

Sugar Smart Leaders

How Sugar Smart are the children in your school? Do they have the knowledge to make smart choices when it comes to choosing snacks, packed lunches or main meals?  Do they regularly eat a balanced diet?  This programme is aimed at teaching children to become Sugar Smart, organising activities for younger children/peers to encourage them to be Sugar Smart and promoting healthy choices and physical activity in your school.   

Sugar Smart Leaders Top Up Session

This top up programme is aimed at your young Sugar Smart Leaders that attended the full course of Sugar Smarts Leaders during 2017-2018.  The session will review the programme and act as a refresher for your leaders going forward into the new academic year.

Teaching Assistant Sugar Smart Training

How can you increase 30 active minutes in your playground? This course will support TAs and meal time assistants in supporting the delivery of active games in playtimes and lunchtimes and how to support the playground leaders/sugar smart leaders programme.

Sugar Smart 30 – 30 Active Minutes per day

How can you increase the number of children in your school to be active for 30 minutes per day?  Could you improve your outside/inside space to promote daily physical activity?  Could it be included in your curriculum in an innovative way?  We will spend a day at your school looking at ways to improve physical activity and how your school can increase the number of active minutes for your children.  As a result we produce a report for your school which will include recommendations for next steps and guidance and support on implementation. 

Sugar Smart Buddies 

This programme is aimed at supporting you in engaging parents in the Sugar Smart programme.  We will run a workshop or a number of workshops which will enable your children to work alongside their parents in a fun and interactive way, promoting parental engagement at your school together with health and well-being with the ultimate goal of producing Sugar Smart buddies to support your children to become Sugar Smart.

Health and Well-Being MOT

What does health and well-being look like in your school?  Do you know the next steps you need to take?  We will provide a day of support in your school which you can design to meet the needs of H&WB in your school.  This can include pupil/staff conferencing, health audits, curriculum mapping, support in developing health and well-being days/weeks, activity plans to increase 30 active minutes for your children and guidance in accessing accreditation and/or funding for your commitment to health and well-being. 

Alternative Sports Days Plus

We can support your school in the delivery of an innovative Alternative Sports Day Plus which will include a range of adventurous activities including: indoor archery, cardio tennis, bubble footballs and zorbs.  The Alternative Sports Days Plus can also be targeted at focus groups: Girls Only, Service Pupil Premium, Disengaged Pupils or Pupil Premium.  

For pricing download the flyer below, for further info contact Julie Ponting, Arena Sports Partnership, Callington Community College, Launceston Road, Callington, Cornwall PL17 7DR. 07776217411.

T. 01726 212892 E.