Achieving Mastery with Ian Taylor

4th September 2017

The West Cornwall Teaching School are holding a Maths Conference that looks to launch a special year of Mathematics for this area. This will be led by Mathematics and Numeracy National Leader, Ian Taylor.


Mr Ian Taylor


Parc Eglos School, Church Hill, Helston, TR13 8UP


Monday 4th September 2017 at 9.15am



*Includes lunch and refreshments


£25, with a £5 discount for any extra applicants from the same school or £100 per school

Please see the booking form below and send any bookings to 

Synopsis of the day:

  • This course will explore great mathematics teaching practice throughout the world. It will share a simple approach to teaching maths that has brought great success to primary and secondary schools throughout the Country, both in terms of pupils understanding and enjoyment and pupil outcomes.
  • The model is called the ‘Mastery Flow’ Model. It is a 5-part model that encompasses problem solving, conceptual understanding and differentiation leading to mastery. Ian will share free curriculum and assessment materials that support the delivery of Mastery.
  • As well as many, many ideas about creating mastery in maths teaching, the Mastery Flow Model develops maths planning which offers flexibility in teaching. This supports national curriculum outcomes but ensures pupils have a clear understanding of the subject matter. 

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